Organic Balsamic

Uses & Recipes

Strawberry and Goat Cheese Crostini with Organic Balsamic of Monticello and Fresh Thyme

A classic combo - Balsamic and Strawberries - their sweet and sour notes play so well together. Lay that on top of a creamy Gorgonzola, a crusty toast and a fresh sprig of thyme and you will fall in love. Nothing beats this...

Drizzled over Parmigiano

Simplicity is true sophistication.  This combination  has been enjoyed for over 500 years.  


Organic Balsamic of Monticello over Ice Cream

Our complex Balsamic is superb over ice cream. Flavors dance across the palette and taste buds explode with a new sweet and sour sensation. The silky balsamic might look like chocolate sauce but has a much more nuanced complex flavor that titillates all your taste buds at once.  

Grilled Radicchio with Organic Balsamic of Monticello and any soft cheese


Another classic - the naturally bitter radicchio gets softer and sweeter on the grill or in the oven.  The texture changes as it wilts and chars over heat.  The addition of our Balsamico perfect compliments the bitter flavor profile and will delight and impress even the most expert of home chefs.  


Poached Pears with Organic Balsamic of Monticello



The pears become lusciously spoon-soft and the balsamic wakes up the taste buds. This dish will not disappoint.


Florentine-style steak with Arugula, Parmigiano & Organic Balsamic of Monticello

Marinate the meat overnight in olive oil and rosemary.  Grill to medium rare and serve with arugula, parmigiano, and a few drops of Organic Balsamico of Monticello.  Roasted meats take on complex and savory notes when paired with this nuanced accompaniment.


Fresh Figs + Camembert + Balsamico of Monticello


Few things go together better than fresh figs and balsamic vinegar.  Add in a creamy cheese and you have a real show stopper.

Strawberries and Balsamico of Monticello

Sometimes simple is best. This is a must try. Takes 15 seconds to make and a lifetime to forget. 


Grilled Apricots with Ice Cream & Balsamic of Monticello


Treat yourself to this summer favorite. It's divine! You can substitute almost any stone fruit in this recipe!




Here are several families of foods, which are greatly enhanced with a few small drops of our traditional balsamic, added just before serving:

( * our family favorites )

Pecorino Romano
soft goat cheese
mozzarella and burrata


game birds (pheasant, dove, quail)*
broiled chicken
baked game hens
roasted guinea hen*


carmalized onion frittata*
spinach timbale
wild mushroom quiche


fresh sliced tomatoes*
ripe avocado*
sautéed mushrooms*, wild and domestic
grilled asparagus*
grilled eggplant* or zucchini
steamed fresh green beans
braised broccoli rabe
broiled tofu
grilled or sautéed leeks
sautéed sweet-and-sour red cabbage
fried artichokes


salmon*, grilled, sautéed or broiled
sautéed or grilled scallops
tuna carpaccio
steamed lobster
sautéed sole
grilled or smoked eel*


all dark roasted meats*
rabbit* (prepared your favorite way)
grilled steaks
sauteed or grilled lamb chops
roast beef
sautéed veal medallions
wild large game*, especially wild boar and elk
long-roasted bison*
beefsteak tartare*
sautéed fois gras


white (or yellow) peaches*


apple tart*
baked or poached pear*
crème caramel
panna cotta
ice cream


sip after dinner as a liqueur*
(serve with soda water on the side)


Cookbook Recommendations

Paul Bertolli's Cooking by Hand(Clarkson Potter, 2003) is a presentation of his profound food philosophy in general, including uses of traditional balsamic.

Meesha Halm's The Balsamic Vinegar Cookbook (Collins Publishers, San Francisco, 1996, Harper Collins Publishers, Inc.) can be consulted for a delicious exploration of food-matching possibilities specifically for traditional balsamic.

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