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Farm Box
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$ 85.00

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Three of our farm favorites in the same box for the first time. Normally sold individually at local Farmer's Markets, we've moved online due to the CoronaVirus.

Lavender Sachet Bag - Organic - 3 oz

Dried organic lavender in a linen bag.

We can all use a little extra relaxation this year, and our organic lavender is relief in a bag.  Put in your closet or drawers, slide under your pillow, or use as a dryer bag (tie tightly -- good for 20ish cycles).

Condiment Balsamic of Monticello - Organic - 15 oz

Our younger organic balsamic aged in casks of 7 rare woods. More than 3 times as much volume as our traditional size bottle at half the price. Aged less than a dozen years, but still highly viscous and probably better balsamic than most people have ever tasted.

Harissa - Spicy Red Chile Sauce - Organic - 8 oz

Our famous family recipe, based on the Middle Eastern tradition but adapted into a delicious New Mexican chile condiment. This deeply flavored sauce is made up of 18 organic ground spices and chile powders - plus garlic, olive oil, and salt. The levels of flavor are complex. Not so much spicy hot as it is powerful - a little goes a long way.

Uses: Anything with potatoes or eggs is the perfect marriage - drizzle harissa on top after cooking. Mix with ketchup for an amazing spiced condiment. Add a little to mayo or yogurt for a Chile-infused mayo sauce. Use as a marinade or drip onto finished meats. Smear on carrots or other veggies and bake, or simply add after. Harissa was invented for use with Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, but you can put it it wherever you want.  You're gonna love this stuff.

Pro-Tip: As the level of oil drops in the jar, add more olive oil and stir it into the spice mixture at the bottom. You can also use the this oil by itself as a spice infused olive oil.




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