Organic Balsamic

Balsamic Martini

I must admit the Balsamic Martini completely surprised us.  Our friends at Bouli Bar, at the Ferry Building in San Francisco created this simple and elegant drink.  

The martini is shaken with ice, but served with none; it had no garnish or fuss in its classic upright martini glass; its first appearance was that of a diluted crème soda.  At first, I wondered about this pairing and then I tasted it... and it was truly and uniquely delicious!  

Great enough to order another, which I did.  Neither the taste of vodka nor that of balsamic dominated; the drink had become a third taste all its own, showing that a little addition of great stuff can do its own kind of alchemy.  Ketchup on a hot dog tastes like ketchup on a hot dog; but traditional balsamic on or with something can produce new dimensions in the combination.  Here was proof at 80 proof. 

Bouli Bar, under talented direction, execution, and brilliant ingredients, produces this kind of magic on demand, every day, in the kitchen and in the bar.  Thanks for this wonderful suprise!

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